Patrizia Cassaniti

Director and Founder of the Touched By Christopher Foundation

Safety Advocate and Keynote Speaker at Let’s talk about Safety

After the tragic loss of her son, Christopher, to a fatal scaffolding accident in April 2019, Patrizia Cassaniti, started the foundation called Touched by Christopher, together with her husband Robert.  After receiving support amidst their grief from people they did not know, they wanted to give back with the foundation, Touched by Christopher, that will help families financially after a loss of a loved at a workplace.

Patrizia has also been on a mission to make worker safety accountable and bring in a law that will ensure employers are ensuring the safety of their workers and have the ability to speak up with confidence, without being victimised.

#christopherslaw has been making the rounds on the media and Government and Patrizia shares her story about the Reality of what happens when Safety is not adhered to and tragedy hits by visiting jobsites, and being a guest speaker at Forums and Expos.

Her goal in life is to bring safety to the forefront of every worker and strive for ZERO deaths at the workplace.