Monique Sinclair has been involved with The Touched By Christopher Foundation since 2019 in the capacity of a Director.
Monique brings a wealth of experience to the team after being exposed to the Construction Industry through the family business for more than 20 years.
She has developed extensive experience in managing professionals in a number of ranging sectors and it is through these experiences that Monique has grown a true passion for safety. Monique is currently employed in local council and contributes to the continuous improvement of councils safety policies and procedures.
Christopher’s tragedy rocked Monique to the core, her grief and broken heart drew her close to Patrizia. It was during this time that it was clear that Patrizia was one of the strongest individuals that Monique had ever met, her strength and courage at such a tragic time was inspirational.
Monique’s contribution to The Touched By Christopher Foundation is her way of supporting those families in the industry at their time of need.